Because we support people on their lifelong learning pathways!

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We believe this initiative will strengthen communities and support social sustainibility.

By enabling individuals to thrive, we are contributing to
a culture of growth for
individuals, organizations and society in general.

What We Offer


Better Skills, Better Jobs

Multi-Profile Resumes

Tailored to each opportunity.

Career Plan

Personalize your learning plan!


Giving, receiving, and implementing actionable feedback.


Holistic development and career progress.

Remember to aim high!

Join us on a mission to raise the level of
knowledge, skills and competences
when demand is growing and needs are changing rapidly!

Education is lifestyle

Who do we serve?

We have just started...

Our team is enrolled in Rijeka Startup Incubator program for 2021/2022

You can visit us at RiHub. coworking space!

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